Hario V60 Dripper Set - Size 02

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Meet the humble Hario V60. With many brewing options, from simple to complex - a great and affordable option for everyone!


This is the ideal entry-level dripper to transform your coffee experience. Made of durable, heat-resistant plastic, this coffee dripper is scientifically designed with the V60 brewing method. The V-shape of this dripper will evenly spread your water, allow for speed of flow control, and will drawdown and extract the perfect cup of coffee every time.


This set includes 40 paper filters and a measuring scoop, giving you everything you need for an amazing coffee! All you need to add is a cup and some of our coffee!


  • 1x Hario 02 Dripper
  • 1x Coffee Scoop
  • 40x Filter Papers


  • W137 x D116 x H102mm
  • 1 - 4 Cup Capacity


  • Transparent Plastic

Additional Info:

  • Hot water & Dishwasher safe