1571 Blend

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Meet our new blend - 1571! 


In 1571, British Parliament decreed that all non-noblemen and boys over the age of six must cover their heads with wool caps on Sundays and holidays. This is where the first flat caps originated and we're really glad they did! 


For this very special blend, we have mixed our favourite Colombian, Nicaraguan and Honduran coffees for a flavourful brew. We wont ask you to wear a Flat Cap but this is perfect for those easy going days especially Sundays, or any other time that you want to wind down and enjoy a great coffee! 


In your cup, you can expect a bright yet sweet and creamy coffee with hints of chocolate and caramel fruit.



SCA Score: 84/86

Preparation: Washed

Location: Colombia, Nicaraugua and Honduras 

Varietal: Various



We always recommend buying whole bean coffee as this is the best for freshness. We are however happy to grind our coffee to your specification if this is how you would prefer it.  Please note, we only supply ground coffee in 227g and 500g bags.