Kenyan Specialty Coffee - Zawadi Peaberry

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Our first Peaberry specialty coffee offering here at Flat Cap Roastery and this is a lovely example!

A Kenyan Specialty coffee packed with flavour that we are sure you will find amazing as we do! 

With mills spanning across three counties of what was formally the Central Province in Kenya, Zawadi is a blend created and maintained by our exporter, using carefully selected peaberries primarily from the Kamandi and Ndia-ini coffee factories. Ndia-ini lies 5km from Mukurwe-ini and uses water fresh from the Gikira river for processing. The proximity of the river gives the factory its name which translates to ‘river ponds’ in the Kikuyu language. Kimandi is situated in the village of the same name, close to Kabare town. The word Zawadi itself is Kiswahili, and means ‘Gift’. 


In your cup you can expect notes of chocolate and raisin with a satisfyingly sweet finish.


Whilst this coffee works great for any brew method we love to experiment with immersion methods to find the myriad of flavours present.


For more information please follow the link below:

Kenya PB Zawadi - DRWakefield - DRWakefield


SCA Score: 84

Preparation: Washed

Altitude: 1400 - 1600 masl

Tasting notes: Sweet with chocolate and raisin

Location: Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Muranga and Kiambu

Varietal: Borbon, Kent, SL34 and SL28.

Roast: We roast this coffee to a medium roast to retain origin characteristics


We always recommend buying wholebean coffee as this is the best for freshness. We are however happy to grind our coffee to your specification if this is how you would prefer it.  Please note, we only supply ground coffee in 227g and 500g bags.