Brazilian Specialty Coffee - Aracacu

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This Brazilian Aracacu specialty coffee is a new offering here at the Roastery and we think it’s really special!

The farm where this coffee is grown has been in the Chaves de Brito family for three generations and is run by Carmen Lucia, who is also head of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association. The farm grows 83 experimental varieties of coffee and also tries to rescue older varieties which are less commonly found. 

This coffee is also treated a little differently to what is commonly found - once the cherries have been picked, sorted and dried, they are taken for resting in giant wooden silos traditional to the area before dry milling and exporting. As the coffee has been stressed through this process, the silo rooms are kept dark and soothing strains of music are constantly played to relax the beans. They are then hulled on a vintage Pinhalense machine before a final sorting and bagging for export. We told you it was special! 


In your cup, you can expect a creamy and velvety body with tasting notes of caramel and chocolate and hints of cherry, orange and raisin. 


Suitable for all brew types. 


SCA Score: 85

Preparation: Natural

Altitude: 1100 masl

Location: Sul de Minas, Brazil

Varietal: Acaia 


We always recommend buying whole bean coffee as this is the best for freshness. We are however happy to grind our coffee to your specification if this is how you would prefer it.  Please note, we only supply ground coffee in 227g and 500g bags.