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Experience the rich and creamy indulgence of our Flat Cap Blend - crafted with top-grade Colombian Cundinamarca and Peruvian Feminio beans, this medium roast coffee boasts a decadent blend of chocolate and caramel notes for an all-round sensory delight. Perfectly suited for everything from flat whites to immersion methods, its impeccable SCA score is testament to its quality - sip on perfection with every cup.


Introducing our Flat Cap blend  - a masterful concoction that boasts an exceptional smoothness and rich, creamy body. Carefully crafted by Mark, our expert Roaster, this all-round coffee features hints of chocolate and caramel, making it the perfect beverage for any time of the day. Made with premium Colombian Cundinamarca beans and Peruvian Feminio beans, this medium-roasted whole bean coffee is ethically sourced from high-altitude farms in South America with a washed process to ensure optimal flavour development. With an impressive SCA Score, our Flat Cap Blend can be enjoyed any way you desire from a flat white right through to immersion methods for deeper appreciation. Elevate your daily routine with our Flat Cap Blend - sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates!


  • Enjoy the rich and creamy body of our Flat Cap Blend, made with specialty coffee from Colombia and Peru
  • Satisfy your cravings for chocolate and caramel notes with this all-round coffee, perfect for any drink from a flat white through to immersion methods
  • Experience the exceptional quality of our washed Colombia and Peru beans that have earned high SCA Score's, roasted to perfection at a medium roast level
  • Indulge in the smooth taste of our Flat Cap Blend
  • An irresistible blend of two South American coffees that will awaken your senses at any time of day!


This was our first blend of specialty coffee here at Flat Cap and has remained a firm favourite with us and our customers!


In your cup, you can expect a rich, creamy body and with hints of chocolate and caramel.


This specialty coffee blend is a great all round coffee and will work well with all brew types, we particularly enjoy this blend of coffees as a flat white, however the flavours shine through using immersion methods too.


SCA Score: 84/86

Preparation: Washed

Location: Colombia and Peru

Varietal: Various

Roast: Medium


We always recommend buying whole bean coffee as this is the best for freshness. We are however happy to grind our coffee to your specification if this is how you would prefer it. Please note, we only supply ground coffee in 227g and 500g bags.