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We are delighted with this new, 85 scoring Brazilian offering here at Flat Cap - Anil Mantiqueira! 

A rich and sweet coffee featuring notes of chocolate, pear and cherry, this really is another beautiful tribute to the fine Brazilian coffee heritage. 

At the Roastery, we love this coffee in espresso based drinks, but it works just as well in filter and cafetiere. 


- All of our coffees are 100% Specialty Grade

- We roast to order so you can guarantee the freshest possible coffee

- All of our coffees are ethically sourced


Image shows coffee facts infographic for Brazilian Anil Mantiqueira specialty coffee


We always recommend buying whole bean coffee as this is the best for freshness. We are however happy to grind our coffee to your specification if this is how you would prefer it. Please note, we only supply ground coffee in 227g and 500g bags.



Dom Viçoso is a small municipality in Minas Gerais that originally developed a reputation for growing Anil. Known as the King of Dyes for its enchanting colour, it was commonly used in the textile industry. A relative of the pea family, its growth from 1760’s was huge, but less than two generations later it had been superseded by the rise of chemical colours.
This led to the rise of coffee farming in the area, but much less so than other areas. This blend was created to showcase the unique characteristics that coffee grown in this region could offer., Some of the farms were actually one farm before, having been split amongst family members through the generations.

The coffee cherry here is picked and dried on brick or concrete patios.

Once dried, it is milled and brought to the Cocarive warehouse in nearby Carmo de Minas, where it is later sorted and bagged for export.

Located amongst the Circuito das Aguas, the area is famous for many mineral springs, and the high quality of the water. Often these springs have differing mineral contents from each other.
Cocarive are based nearby in Carmo De Minas, and represent a lot of the top specialty farms that the area sustains. In recognition of this, the area has been given denomination of origin status, and is often in the top half of Cup Of Excellence scores for both early and late harvests.