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Our Story


The Flat Cap Coffee Roasting Company was established in 2018 by husband and wife team, Mark and Alex, in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. Mark left the Army due to Complex PTSD in 2017 after 23 years’ service. Alex gave up her job working with primary aged children to help Mark with his recovery and together they spent lots of time visiting coffee shops. 

We found going out for coffee was a bit of an escape from the difficulties that we had to overcome when leaving military life. Many solutions to problems that we were facing were found at the bottom of a coffee cup! Unfortunately, not all the coffee that we drank tasted great, and we went on a mission to find amazing tasting coffee. This started by roasting on a mini roaster at home for ourselves, family, and friends. Then, in early 2019, we decided to take the plunge and open our own Roastery near to where we live on Salisbury Plain.


At our Roastery, we source high quality, specialty coffee beans from all over the world. We use specialty beans for their high quality and superior taste. We lovingly roast our beans by hand in small batches on our Roaster and then pack them straight away for freshness. We supply these beans to coffee lovers far and wide, both at home and commercially. We believe in quality and this is at the heart of everything we do. 


In late 2019, Alex began to make some chocolate goodies at the Roastery and we tested these on some of our lovely and willing customers. The feedback received was really positive and the demand for more was high, so the confectionary division of Flat Cap Coffee was born! We are now proud to offer a selection of artisan chocolates and gourmet marshmallows alongside our coffees. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products, like with our coffee, and think that this shines through. We are also proud to hold a five-star rating from the Food Standards Agency for our Roastery. All confectionary products are rigorously tested by our four children before going into production– a job that they take very seriously and enjoy tremendously!


Finally, we feel that a part of our story has been made possible by the amazing charity, Help for Heroes, who were there for us during our very darkest moments. As we tackled the obstacles faced by many Veterans and people leaving the military, Help for Heroes offered emotional support to our whole family, as well as providing practical support in the form of business courses and access to a business mentor. We have been fortunate enough to meet some inspirational people along our journey and, as we move forward, it is our aim to inspire and to help others who may be struggling, to raise awareness of the many issues faced and give back to the charity in any way that we can.


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